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If you have 8 yoga in horoscope then you go abroad

In today’s era, foreign travel is considered to be a success and luck is proven, so every person wants to get an opportunity to travel abroad and get an opportunity to succeed in job, business abroad. But this does not happen by everyone’s thinking or wanting. According to astrology, it is possible for them to have at least one of these 8 yogas in their horoscope. So see if there are such yoga in your horoscope or not.

The status of foreign travel in astrology is known from the sinful planets i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mangal. Guru Ji points out that the connection between the fourth and outer house or their owners in the horoscope i.e. the largest sum of permanent living in the house in that house, is made from the lord of the zodiac. With this yoga, the effect of sinful planets on the fourth house is necessary. That is, there is no sin in the house on the planet or its sight.

The relations between the seventh and the outer property or their owners carry the person abroad after the marriage. If this is in the Yoga horoscope then the person knows the success of getting a visa after marrying abroad or marrying a foreign origin person.

With regard to the fifth and the outer sense, the ownership of their respective ownership becomes the sum of things to go abroad for education. The person in this yoga can go abroad to read.

The tenth and the outer quote or their owners give business or job opportunities abroad to the person.

The fourth and the ninth house can be relatable to the native due to the father’s business or with the help of father’s wealth abroad.

Ninth and outer expressions can take a person abroad for trade or religious travel. In this yoga, the father of a native also deals with foreign trade or religious traditions.

Even if the Ascendant lord is in seventh house, the person can go abroad.

The yoga of Rahu and Moon can be taken in any sense by taking away the person from his place abroad or from birth place. It is mandatory to have good condition in the horoscope along with all these formulas, otherwise this yoga will not be fruitful or the person may have to face loss and humiliation when going abroad.

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