How To Make A Wish Come True…


Have You Ever Wished For Anything?

I wish to be……
I wish……….
I wish I had…….

Every human being had used these lines many times in their life. Wishes, dreams, desire all these are inborn in each human being. People do wish a lot of things from minor to major. Intense wishes do transform as dreams and dreams get transformed into desires. Do you wonder how to make a wish come true? Have you got any intense wish? Such extreme desires can become reality. Yes, you heard it right. Wishes can come true. What you just need is to focus on your dream and try hard to achieve it without losing hope. Intense wish has got itself a power to bring the whole universe in its favor and make it happen in reality.
There was a breezy student in a class who doesn’t seem listening to anything and no teachers cared for him. Once a teacher asked all students their wishes and the turn of this student came. He answered, “I wish to become the president of America”. Everybody laughed at him and teased him on this answer. But the wish of this boy was intense and became the dream of his life. He worked hard and fought with all obstacles of life and fulfilled his dream and got elected as the president of America. He was the one and only Abraham Lincoln. This is a pure illustration of the fact that dreams can come true. He showed us how to make a wish come true through honest hard work and determination. Such wishes take time to get fulfilled.
Wishes eventually become your prayer and you can see yourself praying to god to make it fulfill. Do that work? Does God make them happen? We expect though!! We all do believe that. That is why we make a wish while blowing the birthday candle, blow a dandelion flower, keep the fallen eyelash on palm and make a wish and blow it, wish something when we see the clock display 11:11, make a wish while falling asleep, etc. Now let us take a look at how to make a wish come true fast. Imposing more positive energy on your wish can make it happen.

Secrets That Can Really Make Your Wish Come True Fast

1. Wish as you fall asleep

Do you wonder whether this does work? Yes, absolutely, you can make this happen with practice. Just do the wish at the right time is what you have to take care of. The best time is when your mind is free and relaxed. Bedtime is the appropriate time for this. Think about your wish specifically and concentrate on it and fall to sleep. With practice, you can find out that eventually, your wishes are coming true overnight. This gives you an idea of how to make a wish come true fast.

2. Write down your wish in a paper

Writing down your wish on a book every day can help you to focus on your wish. Keep an extra notebook for this purpose. Write in neatly and simply. Don’t go for an elaborate description. Repeat the same with each day. Have you got any idea that there lies power in repetition? And this power can bring the power of the whole universe together and make to fulfill your wish. This shows how to make a wish come true with paper. The most effective part is that each day you are devoting some moment thinking about your wish and this keeps it alive and makes it happen.

3. The Glass of Water Technique

Now we can have a look at how to make a wish come true with water. This is a technique that can actually work with more practice. It is simple too. Just take a glass of water. Rub your palms together. This creates an energy field between the palms. Now place both the palms around the glass, without actually touching it. Now close your eyes and say loudly your wish. Just make the wish simple and direct. Now focus your attention on the glass, thinking about the image of your wish in mind. Drink the water as fast as possible. This helps to transfer the energy of your wish into your body. Try to do this twice a day. You can experience the result in few weeks for small wishes and in a few months for a bit more big wishes.

Make Your Wish Happen In 30 seconds

Yeah! You heard it right. It is possible. After all, it is like you are creating your reality. It is power. A power to manifest your desire. We all can acquire that power. It is not anything that is inborn with only some people. What you need is the ability to concentrate. This can help. Now take a look at how to make a wish come true in 30 seconds. The method is to THINK, FEEL, IMAGINE. It is pure imagination. This method is not a declaration that your wish can come true in 30 seconds. Sometimes it may take 30 minutes or 30 days, but the wish will definitely come true at the right time. This power can be acquired by practice.


Think about your wish. Think about the whole scenario attached to it. Imagine it around you.


Imagine and feel the emotion that you can have when the wish gets fulfilled. Concentrate and live in that emotion for a few seconds. It is like to feel that the future is right over there now.


Imagine that you had attained the dream. Now imagine that you are living with post effects like a friend or anybody else congratulating you on getting it.
Replay all this in mind along with the people and places associated with it and concentrate on it for a few seconds. When you come out of this, just forget all these and get engage in your other chores. You can definitely experience it happening at the time when you need it. Pass on this technique to those who are searching on how to make a wish come true in 30 seconds.

Powerful Spells That Can Make Wish Come True Instantly

Do you know how to make a wish come true in a day? There are powerful spells that can make it happen. What you need to do is to go to the right and eminent astrologer who is dealing with such magic spells.
An able and specialist astrologer can teach you how to make a wish true spell. Such spells are highly powerful and hence you need to perform it exactly the same way and at the same time prescribed by the astrologer. This process is highly powerful and hence dangerous too. So perform it only under the supervision of an expert and you can get the results in a few minutes.
You can meet powerful and genuine wish granting spell caster online. Just make an enquiry and then follow them. There are a lot of strong and easy spells and thousands of people are following these. Follow professional spell casters who can provide you answers for all your queries and give you how to make a wish come true spell.

Harness the Power Of Full Moon

There is a method for how to make a wish come true the next day. Full Moon has got some powers and it is possible to harness the power to make it in your favor. Take a shoebox, silver candle and silver ribbon. Collect images or symbols of your wish. On the night of a full moon, light the candle. Then focus upon your wish and put the gathered images and symbols of your wish into the box and tie it with the silver ribbon and keep it in a secret place hiding from all others. Keep it secure until your wish comes true.

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