Person With Radix 1 is Courageous and Stubborn

It does not consider anyone’s words easy, rather, by their arguments, the compelled to accept the person’s opinion as their own. Due to this nature some people consider them stubborn. They get angry enough, but soon they have the ability to overcome it.


Take Courageous Steps


These sometimes take such courageous steps that people are surprised to see. They have to work hard to climb the success ladder. They are thrifty so that people start to understand them as stingy. In love matters, they are loyal. It seems to be very upset about anything.


Begin to work patiently so that it can conquer many difficulties. The 22nd year is very auspicious for them. This year is their fortune and the sequence of success begins.


Profit From Public Sector


They are good prospects of getting benefits from the government sector. They get good success when they try in advocacy, media, politics. Their friendship with the radix 2,3 and 9 is successful. They also make good with the person with radix 5, whereas they are hostile to the person with radix 6 and 8.