Powerful Easy Break Up Spells That Work Immediately


If you are cheated by your partner or hurt by infidelity, if your spouse still goes back to the old flame for love and support, or some of your friend indulged in a relationship with wrong person, and you do not care what a person go through you need a Break Up Spell to end this relationship. It is our conviction that Heaven does not support the individuals who break love relationship without justified reasons.

These kind of spells can be used only in extreme cases when you are left with no other option and you want end the misery and end the relationship and this will help both the partners to move forward in their lives leaving their past behind without taking note of each other.

Powerful Easy Break Up Spells That Work Immediately

There are many reasons or ways to perform a Break Up Spell, you can use it to separate your love or life partner from yourself if you do not believe on the other person or have doubts and you want to get separated and want to end the relationship or some other couple’s relationship for the same reason. This way both the partners start getting away from each other and take their own paths for the new life.

There is also other way around in which you love your partner so much and do not want to get separated, but you have doubts about your partner’s commitment and you feel that he/she is more attached to someone else then you can use the Break Up Spell to separate your partner from the third person and this will help your partner getting away from that person and in the process getting closer to you strengthening your relationship.

Why And When To Use Easy Break Up Spell

It is recommended that Break Up Spell to be used when it is absolutely necessary. Many forms of magic do not allow separating people in love or relationship and our religion and old books also tells that it is immoral to use magic to separate people. If you really need to cast this spell please do not try this yourself and take help of our perfect spell caster and seek his guidance on given phone number or website.


1. White Magic For Break Up Spells Without Ingredients

This Break Up Spell is the most harmless and can be done without any harm to any of the individuals. This will even help to improve the lives of both the individual who are breaking up. For this you need a candle, a saucer to put candle, basil leaves, and a photograph of your partner you want to separate from.

For casting the spell put basil leaves on the photograph and burn them with the photograph and get the ashes of this collected in the saucer and when whole photograph and leaves turn into ashes through the ashes in any kind of running water. This will help in making distance you and your partner from each other without being hurt.

2. Drive Away Break Up Spell

This is one of the most popular spell. For this type of Break Up Spell you need a container, an egg, and a lemon, and red pepper. For casting this spell you have to break the egg in the container and also squeeze the lemon in the same container, and the put the red pepper also and then mix them together, and then throw the mixture behind the person when he/she is going away from you, this will make separate the partners in no time without causing any physical harm.

3. Break Up Spells With Lemon

This is one of the oldest way to break any relationship and this can be used for any two people, may be the one whom you want to separate from your partner or if there is some friend or close relative whose relationship you want to end. First you have write the name of both the person on a Peepal leaf and then tear the leaf from the center and squeeze the lemon on both pieces of the leaf and now join the both pieces of leaf facing each other and put some red pepper in between them and take the cut pieces of lemon and put both pieces of leaf facing each other in between the lemon. This procedure will relation between both these person sour and bitter and both of them will start disliking each other in some time and for this continue to work burn the lemon and leaf, both pieces under the peepal tree to work for lifelong.

4. Witchcraft Break Up Spell: Spells To Break Up A Couple

It is very hard to do a breakup. This Break Up Spell can be used for breaking own relationship or miserable relationship of any other couple. But remember to always use this for well being of your loved one and not to harm anyone and if you are not well equipped to do this you should always consult a good spell caster on the given phone number and email for his recommendations.

For this you need a shovel, some dirt, charcoal, black pepper, basil, sheet of paper, ginger oil, candles, and a bowl. Now use the black pepper to create a circle and light candles in the form such as a cross mark facing four directions. Now kneel down and write both persons’ name on the paper with charcoal. Put some ginger oil on the paper Now tear the paper in pieces and put in the bowl. Now put basil in the bowl and burn it with the pieces of paper and then put some dirt into it and collect all of this in a small pouch or cloth and bury this underneath any tree. This will separate both the persons’ whose name written on paper in only a few days of time.

5. Break Up Spell That Work Immediately Using Turtle

Many animals are also used for breaking up and the mentioned Break Up Spell is also kind of spell which is used for gentle separation of two people. For this you have to get a sea or river turtle which you can get anywhere near the river or ponds you just have to take it the shore in a lonely place where no one can see you and then write the names of both people on the shell of the turtle with a pencil or charcoal and then release the turtle back in the water and as soon as the name of both the persons erased from the shell, the couple will break up and will loosen up from the unwanted person.

For any of the Break Up Spell you perform you need expertise and be performed properly otherwise it can harm the person who is casting it so to protect yourself from any harmful side effects you should consult an experienced spell caster who can perform these for you or guide you what should be done and to contact a perfect spell caster contact on the given phone number and email address, our spell caster will help you to get out of any unhealthy relationship.

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