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Magic: The over-whelming, Good and the scary Bad

Any form of magic can be divided into basically two types of magic: The good magic and the bad magic. The bad magic is nothing but any extension of good magic use for wrong purposes. Thus, magic like any weapon is dangerous for others as well as the user. There are various applications of magic. Although there has been speculation about magic, some have said that it is comparable to a science. One only needs knowledge in order to navigate through the methods of magic.

The good magic consists of healing spells, protection, and defense, ward off spells among others. The strength of the spell depends on the will of the magic practitioner and the conviction with which the ritual has been performed.

Some of the good magic spells are

1. Healing spells:
These spells are used when a person is hurt and needs to be healed in a time frame where medicine won’t work. Different types of healing spells are performed all over the world by different tribes. Many shamans don’t let their wards be treated by modern amenities before performing their spells on them.

Protection spells:
Many times you need to protect someone you aren’t with presently. You could read a protection spell for the person and/ or perform a ritual which could keep them safe. One such ritual is the ritual of Lord Shiva of the Indian mythology. This ritual is done to obtain blessings of the lord and bring about protection from the one who is supposed to get the world free of evil. Lord Shiva is the destroyer in the trinity of Hindu gods.

3. Love Spells:
If you are a genuine person and have fallen in love with a girl, it would break your heart to not get that girl. Specific rituals and mantra’s could get you the love of your life. Although the side effect of the spell is supposedly that the girl is the only one you can love for your whole life.

The type of magic also depends on the method of magic used. Two of the most commonly used methods of practicing magic are through witch craft or sorcery and voodoo.

Witchcraft usually is a method of mixing together exotic materials and chanting the jargon hoping to create magic which would have derived attribute. It can be used for good as well as bad. If necessary witchcraft spells are practiced in front of seniors.

The other coin to this is voodoo magic. This sort of magic and requires the making of a doll. The doll must be made from rags but a personal item for the person whose doll is being made must be attached to the doll. Then Voodoo spell is cast on the doll using arcane languages.

Both these methods have their merits and demerits. More importantly, they can be used for good magic as well as bad magic. It is up to the user to decide which side he or she chooses. If he chooses the good side then well and good if you pick up the wrong side, you are done for.

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