The Person of Radix 4 is Lively


The person whose birth is 4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month will have a radix number 4. The person of this radix number thinks that they will not get life again, that’s why they do lot of fun & enjoy their life. They are happy at all times and also share happiness with the people living with them. Due to this nature of their friendship, the scope of their friendship is quite large.


Love Marriage


The people of this radical system take any decision in a thoughtful manner. Beauty attracts them. They also love playing with water. They are romantic mood and usually do love marriage.


They Are Rich


With their merit they make a lot of progress and earn a lot of money but, due to the habit of spending money with open hands, the deposited capital is no longer high. They believe in God and do not want to hurt anyone inadvertently. 36 and 42 years are very good for them. This year it is very progressing.


Friends And Enemies of Radix 4


Their friendship with the radix 1 and 6 persists for a long time. Their friendship with the radix number 2 remains fine, but their friendship with the 3 and 9 radix number is quickly broken. They have hostility to the person with this radix.

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