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Witch-craft: Delving into the dark mysteries of the occult

Have you ever wondered that maybe all is not what it seems to be! That there are things that just don’t make sense and logic which simply doesn’t add up! Have you ever experienced something which made you perform actions you yourself wouldn’t ever have performed? If the answer is yes, it’s probable that you had been a target of someone practicing magic in a wrong manner.

Magic, witch-craft and occult, all point to a supposed side of things not visible to the normal eye. Only the people who have inkling to it are able to see it occur. The world is filled with examples of such occurrences.

There have been many recorded types of witchcraft or sorcery which have been defined throughout the world. Some of them are world famous; some of them are practiced a lot but never mentioned in public and some are downright sinister.

a. Witchcraft:

Magic is basically recital of some arcane words or rituals using which a person can attain something he may or may not attain naturally. Witch-craft spells which can cause a variety of effects like hallucinations, nausea and/or delusions are common. They are also known as hexes. These basically require worship and service of certain deities.

b. Voodoo:

Another example of active magic practice is the voodoo magic practice. It is a very peculiar manner of magic. In this method of magic, the practitioner creates dolls which are bound to the people the practitioner needs to control in some manner. This can happen in a myriad of ways. One of the most common ways is to get hair of the person who needs to be controlled but any personal belonging may suffice. It is believed by many that voodoo spells are very powerful. They may have varied effects on the person ranging from mild discomfort to total lack of body control. Many people believe in these spells and thus refuse to part from personal belongings.

c. Love spells:

Many people in this world are desperate to have the girl of their dreams for themselves. They are so desperate that they may do anything to get the girl. Even resort to chants and rituals. Such spells are known as love spells. They are designed to make the girl you love fall in love with you. There are even potions for such things, the only problems with these spells is that the effect is deemed to be permanent. So once you select a girl, you have to be with her for your entire life

d. Protection spells

Despite so many negatives of using occult practices, there are some positive uses of it. The primary use is that of protection. Since the dawn of civilization, humans tend to focus on spells which would save them from bad influences. There are rituals which support this. For example, people hang lemons outside their homes and workplaces to ward off evil influences. Almost all the religions in this world have hymns or prayers which are to be recited when one is in danger. This is sort of a protection spell.

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